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Faith Morse laughingly admits to "being from away". Born and raised all over the United States as her career military family moved Faith learned to appreciate the best parts of all of the places she lived. Some of her favorites? Alaska, for its wild, wonderful landscape and uniquely individual people. California for it's diversity in both landscape and population. Hawaii, well you can guess there were lots of reasons for liking growing up there!  While living many places was exciting it wasn't until she married a "Mainer" and settled here that she felt like she was truly home. "Having a family and being a part of the community with my kids and husband have been a fantastic dream I never knew I could have", confides Faith.  Always eager to make new friends (a byproduct of a lifetime of moving) Faith settled in to Southern Maine in 1998 and even she has been surprised by how entrenched she has become in her community. "I've never lived anyplace this long in my whole life", confesses Faith, "I think I like it!"  Faith has been a Realtor since 2005 and loves the challenge of working hard to find just the right housing solution for each client. "My favorite part is when it all comes together and the client gets just what they really need, especially if that's also what they want!" exclaims Faith. Each situation is so personal and getting to know the clients, as a part of that process, is a challenge Faith is perfectly suited for.