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Brenda has grown her business from just family to a team of talented, successful agents and licensed support staff with 2 locations in Auburn and Scarborough.  Fontaine Family - The Real Estate Leader is one of the most successful real estate agencies both nationally and in the state of Maine.One of Brenda’s most important attributes is the energy she brings to her work.  This energy is the direct result of the passion she has for her work.  Brenda’s clients know she is truly concerned with the outcome of their transaction. She is willing to go the extra mile. The mission of Fontaine Family - The Real Estate Leader is to be the most caring Realtors.  To go above and beyond for their clients whenever an opportunity presents itself while never sacrificing ethics or values.  Fontaine Team represents high morals, values and strong work ethic.  With a long history of helping people buy and sell property, Fontaine Team combines experience in marketing with years of knowledge and negotiating skills.  Brenda believes the team concept of her agency makes them successful in today’s market.   Find us on Facebook